Monday, August 2, 2010

A couple of AKL trips

The next two trips were a couple of grabaseat specials.  WLG-AKL-WLG.  I managed to get a couple in mid Jan and early Feb with an evening return.
The flight up to Auckland each time was the 6pm flight, leaving just enough enough time to escape work and catch the Airport Flyer to the airport, grab a very quick beer in the lounge onto the flight.
The flight up is during the Koru hour, so it is usually a nice red wine with cheese platter for me, whilst reading the magazine of staring out the window.
The flight back leaves me an hour in the Koru lounge for a bite to eat (chicken curry is a particularly nice offering), with a couple of drinks and a surf on the net.

 The flight back to welly is not for some reason covered by the Koru hour, so just a tea or coffee.  Then its jump off and onto the Airport flyer and home.
 I enjoy these trips although not many people understand quite why i would fly to Auckland and back within an hour...One of the reasons is Airpoints...but that's another long story of ever searching to maintain status....

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