Sunday, August 15, 2010

Westport and Gisborne (or not) next

The next installment was a double visit again.  WLG-WSZ was first up and with a return back to Welly to catch the Gissy flight.  All on a Sunday 20/6/10.
A leisurely departure of 12.05pm was called and after a light lunch in the lounge it was off to the gate to rejoin the B1900 planes i have become so familiar with.
We had a little bit of a delay due to weather and were off to the west coast of the south island.  The terminal is a single room as are so many of the little regional airports.  I was on a staff travel ticket and they were able to book the turn arounds, so it was to be a 25minute visit.  However, there was a delay in Westport as the wind was getting up and was a cross wind on the very exposed air strip (right next to the coastline!).
So the departure time came and went and I started to get concerned about the connecting flight to Gisborne.  And sure enough the wind and visibility was still poor when the point where a theoretical connection to the GIS flight came and went.  There was not much i could do, so I guess this one will have to be ticked off another time.
We left Westport after a break in the weather with the cross wind dying down and managed to get away around 2hours after scheduled departure.  Oh well, at least I ticked off one airport and the whole day was not lost....

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