Monday, August 2, 2010

17 Feb 2010 - Blenheim

Next trip was a grabaseat special again, $39 each way WLG to BHE and back.  I chose an afternoon flight across the cook strait to Blenheim.  Once again this was in the mighty B1900D plane!  This is the shortest flight that Air NZ operates at only 50miles and one of the shortest scheduled flights around.
The flight left Welly on time and the weather was pretty horrible, with a strong wind and rain.  This made for a little bumpy exit but not too bad.
The flight into Blenheim makes you think that the plane is going to land in amongst the vines, with the vines clearing at the last minute to reveal a runway and tiny little airport.
The return flight coincided with a crew change and the flight back wasn't for about 90minutes.  I grabbed a coffee from the little shop and sat watching a movie on my netbook.  The weather in blenheim was quite amazing, clear skies no wind and lots of sun.  Still amazes me how different the weather is despite only 50 miles away!
The flight back was on time and took about 3minutes longer due to some turbulence and a slightly longer flight path.  So, the flight out was timed at 17mins from take off to landing and the return about 20minutes.

This flight got me thinking about adding the longest NZ flight to my list, AKL-YVR i believe... And after completing that one, I would be very tempted to do the EWR-SIN flight.  SQ21, is also all business class seating so wouldn't be too awful at a shade under 19hours flight time!
For the moment, i should concentrate on the goal of NZ airports....Blenheim now ticked off the list.

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