Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A break, MEL and then NPL 5/5/10

So I didn't have much planned for April except a surprise trip to Melbourne for my wife's 40th and our 5th Wedding Anniversary.  I had managed to keep the long weekend break to MEL a secret and what was more amazing is that our 4 year old daughter kept it a secret since the beginning of the year when i booked it!
We managed to get all the way through to the international lounge at WLG before I finally told her where we were going.  So sorted out the checking in (at the Koru Valet parking - very handy, through the departure tax and through security without an idea....She thought we were going to the Chathams after seeing the plane as we drove into the airport!).
After a great break (and of course flights, Space+ on the A320 and then 763 via AKL on the way back (had hoped for the 777 but this had been shifted for extra flights from Europe due to this).  The following day I had a $1 grab-a-seat fare return to New Plymouth.  I had booked the out and back seperately to get around the MCT and had expected that it would be the same plane anyway to avoid fear of missing my return.
The flight left just before 5pm so it was a sharp exit from work on the Airport Flyer with about 5minutes to grab a quick drink and bite in the lounge before heading to the gate during final call.
The plane was a Q300 and the flight was smooth and event free.  Upon landing at New Plymouth, I found my way to the Koru Lounge.  It sooned filled up with people catching the flight back to Welly and also a flight to AKL.  I managed to get a seat in the compact, but very pleasant lounge and had a catch up on the news in the DomPost.
There is a cafe downstairs called airspresso, owned by none other than weather presenter on TVONE, Jim Hickey.  I had a quick look and must say was quite impressed with the standard and overall appearance - especially for an airport cafe.  This also probably contributed to the airport being named best New Zealand airport in October 2009!
I can't quite remember if you need to pay a departure tax here or not....
Flight back was ontime and swift, the flight time being 50mins.

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