Thursday, August 12, 2010

Invercargill - 26/27 May 2010

I had managed to book two $1 tickets to Invercargill, the only issue was it involved an overnight stay in IVC.  I had a search for cheap accomodation and plumped for the victorian railway hotel.  I decided to walk from the airport and the stroll took about 30minutes with some brisk cold winds behind me!

The hotel was very comfortable and good value.  The flight times i had meant that it was an early morning start for a 6.25am flight back to Welly intime for a day in the office.  The airport itself is ok, and it has a Koru Lounge!  so managed to grab a cuppa and some toast before our flight departing in the day and watching the sun rise on our way....The flight itself is on a Q300 and is one of the longest domestic flights (certainly the longest i have done so far) at 2hours.

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