Sunday, June 6, 2010

WHK and ROT added

After a great 'tiki tour' of the North Island for two weeks. We settled into live in Wellington and found a house to rent in one of the northern suburbs.
Work started for me and I got to go on my first flight not paid out of my own pocket!

There was a big project in central north island and we were doing regular inspections of the works. The chap who was normally doing them was on leave for a few weeks and so it fell upon me to do the site visits.
The first port of call was Whakatane which meant the red eye up to AKL and then a quick transfer to that wonderful plane, the Beech 1900D.  The airport itself is a rather interesting design by the famous Kiwi architect Roger Walker.  Very distinctive and an immediately recognisable piece of his work. 
I had worried that a connection time of 15minutes at AKL would make the chances of catching it were slim. However, I was not to worry as NZ hold the plane for you on these 'link' flights.

Whakatane airport is super small. Essentially a large-ish house with a runway out the backyard!
It was handy to get this one under the belt in hindsight, as it can be rather costly to reach.

Because of this cost and booking only a few days before flying, the following week I went to site by travelling to Rotorua (ROT). Good choice of airport code there! It does pong a little sometimes!
This airport now boasts an International prefix with recently started flights to Sydney.

Right that's a couple more updated, plenty more to follow in the catch up.  Hopefully a few pictures to follow and maybe even a video....

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