Monday, May 24, 2010

Where it all began

To start off this quest, I had visited a  number of airports in NZ without considering this as a challenge.

First off was Auckland. We arrived in April 2007 through the gateway that is AKL. We had flown in from Brisbane, after specifically choosing the flight that featured the 747-400. Although this isn't featured on the brief hop from Oz to NZ recently, only the 777 on some flights. We chose it to get a chance to check out the Business Premier product on the upper deck and were suitably impressed. We arrived in AKL and then transfered to CHC.

As we arrived off a BP ticket we were able to visit the AKL domestic lounge in the domestic terminal. Again impressed (although we had recently experienced the Concorde Room in Heathrow before flying out) and intrigued by the large range of beers in the fridges!

We then flew down to Christchurch so that was two airports already on the list without much effort. We flew back to AKL a couple of days later to start our tour of the North Island before we settled into Wellington life.

So April 2007, 2/27 (Oamaru was on the list at that point, but sadly no more - finished opoerating 31/12/09).

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  1. Nice going Steve! We're following (and leading) your progress all the way! Stay in touch buddy. Cheers, Craig


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