Monday, June 14, 2010

TRG and NSN next

Ok, next couple of airports visited were TRG and NSN.
TRG was a little work trip up to the office in the city centre.  I quite like Tauranga, with the line of cafes and bars looking out to the water... The airport now boasts a Koru Club, although when i visited it was not built. I did a couple of routes to get there, both from WLG direct and via AKL (using the lovely 1900D).

NSN was a daytrip with the family to have a look around a take advantage of a grabaseat sale fare.  Nelson is apparently the fourth busiest airport in NZ!  We were pleasantly surprised that there was a Koru Club upstairs tucked away and access via a keypad - thus unmanned generally.
As usual, there is a reasonable array of beverages available in the lounge, although it hasn't been "bach stylised" yet and does look a little rough around the edges with old furniture etc..
I have since been back to Nelson several times and enjoy the jaunts over as the flight is so short.  We took our youngest over as a 'trial' flight before a Trans-Tasman trip to MEL - just to see what he thought of flying.
Thankfully, he appears to be like the rest of the family and love flying!

So TRG and NSN ticked off back in March 08 and as recent as Dec 09 for NSN.


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