Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving goalposts...

So, today the Dominion Post (and earlier on the internet) I see that Air NZ have worked out an agreement with PPQ (Paraparaumu Airport) to start a Q300 operated service between Auckland and PPQ (which will be renamed Kapiti coast airport – presumably to make everyone familiar with where the airport is...?).  Darn! Just as I was nearing on completing my goal, Air NZ goes and moves the goalposts!  Oh well, I will have to add that one to the list.  Ticketing for the route has not yet commenced and the first flights are due in October.  Perhaps I could sort out the inaugural as way of ticking this one off.  The schedule looks to be very generous with plenty of flights on weekdays and about 3 return services on the weekend also.  I guess that they can see this route as viable – I am presuming that the main movement of traffic will be from Kapiti up to AKL and back, hence an early morning flight to AKL (0650?).
They are a few other frequent flyers looking at securing the inaugurals for this route, so perhaps we will have a mini-do....Watch this space.

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